Lagurus, Pink Ribbon - Dry Flower Crown

Lagurus, Pink Ribbon - Dry Flower Crown


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♥ Handcrafted creation, this romantic wreath of dried flowers will beautifully decorate your interior: hanging on a wall, hanging from a Norman cabinet key, above your fireplace etc.
It will also delight your loved ones for occasions like birthdays, baptisms, births, weddings, Mother's and Grandmother's Day, Christmas and many others.

♥ The interview:
- dusting with a hairdryer in cold airflow mode.
- to avoid colour alteration, expose the crown as little as possible to direct daylight.

Dried flowers are a durable and robust product. They can be kept for 3 years or more.

♥ flowers

Dried flower species: natural hydrangea, pink lagurus, pink delphinium, limonium
Material: natural flowers and dried hues

♥ the circle

Diameter of the circle: 20 cm
Material: metal
Color: gold
Other: ribbon for suspension

NB: The sizes shown are in centimeters
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